About us

Surf City Garage truly started in the 1970s when it’s founder, Tim Miller bought his first car, a 1967 Pontiac GTO. Fast forward to 2019 and his collection ranges to over 130 vintage muscle cars.

To keep the cars looking great, Tim tried every car care product available but just wasn’t satisfied with the quality or performance. He worked with a chemist and together with his expertise in the anatomy of automobiles, they create magic.

Surf City Garage Enthusiast Grade ® Detailing Products came to life.

Surf City Garage Enthusiast Grade ® Detailing Products hit the retail shelves in 2008 and in the span of a decade, it quickly gained recognition worldwide as the best anyone can buy.

We, at The Clean Deans, take pride in your ride.

Just like Tim, we have a bold guarantee: If this product isn’t the best you’ve ever used, we’ll personally buy it back. A guarantee unmatched in the modern-day automobile detailing industry.

Whether you drive a classic car, a daily driver, are on two wheels or prefer the open waters – Surf City Garage has the line-up you need for all modes of transportation and your passion.